121) Sometimes You Just Have To Wonder How Many Times Someone You Care About Has To Hurt You Before You Finally Don’t Care.

122) When Someone Breaks Your Trust Don’t Feel Stupid. You Didn’t Do Anything Wrong. They Are Just An Untrustworthy Person.

123) Never Cry For The Person Who Hurts You. Just Smile & Say, Thanks For Giving Me Change To Find Someone Better Then You.

124) Relationships Are Like Glass. Sometimes It’s Better To Leave Them Broken Than Try To Hurt Yourself Putting It Back Together. ( Hurt Status for Whatsapp )

125) When Someone Really Likes You, They Will Never Hurt You. If They Do, You Can See It On Their Eyes That It Hurts Them Too.

126) We Ignore The Ones Who Adore Us, Adore The Ones Who Ignore Us, Love The Ones Who Hurt Us, And Hurt The Ones That Love Us.

127) Don’t Worry About The People Who Hurt Or Hate You Worry About The People Who Love You Coz That Is Where Your Happiness Is.

128) When Another Person Makes You Suffer, It Is Because He Suffers Deeply Within Himself, And His Suffering Is Spilling Over.

129) No Matter How Good A Friend Someone Is, They Are Going To Hurt You Every Once In A While & You Must Forgive Them For That.

130) Hurting Someone Who Really Cares For You Is As Easy As Throwing Stone In The Lake; But You Don’t How Deep That Stone Goes.

131) You Deserve To Be With Somebody Who Makes You Happy. Somebody Who Doesn’t Complicate Your Life. Somebody Who Won’t Hurt You.

132) Loving Someone Doesn’t Need A Reason. If You Can Explain Why You Love Someone, Its Not Called ” Love “. Its Called ” Like “. ( Hurting Status )

133) You Know What Hurts So Much ? It’s When Someone Made You Feel Special Yesterday But Makes You Feel Like You’re A Nobody Today.

134) I’M Sad, Hurt, Angry, Mad & Disappointed. But You Know What ? I’ll Put On A Smile And Move On. It Will Hurt, But I Will Survive.

135) Its Hard To Trust Somebody When The One Person Who You Completely Opened Up To Is The Person Who Later Completely Betrayed You.

136) You Can’t Lose What’s You Never Had, You Can’t Keep What’s Not Yours, And You Cant Hold On To Something That Doesn’t Want To Stay.

137) Do Not Lose You Dignity or Self Respect Trying To Make People Love And Appreciate You When They Just Aren’t Capable Of Those Things.

138) You Deserve Someone Who Knows How To Make Things Up To You After Hurting You. Not Someone Who Is Very Good With Just The Word, “Sorry”.

139) People Don’t Think Before Hurting Others, They Realize It Soon. But Its Too Late By Then Cause They Loose The Person Who Loved Them Most.

140) The Reason Why People Give Up So Fast Is Because They Tend To Look At How Far They Still Have To Go, Instead Of How Far They Have forgotten.

141) The First Person You Think Of In The Morning Or Last Person You Think Of In The Night Is Either The Cause Of Your Happiness Or Your Pain.

142) It Doesn’t Hurt In Any Way, But It’s Not A Massage Either. Some People Are Very Sensitive & They Might Find It A Little But Uncomfortable.

143) Sometimes, You Have To Try Not To Care, No Matter How Much You Do. Because Sometimes, You Mean Nothing…To Someone Who Means Everything To You.

144) No One Can Promise They’ll Never Hurt You Because At One Time Or Another They Will. The Real Promise Is If The Time You Spent Together Will Be Worth The Pain In The End.

145) If You Get Angry, I’ll Understand. If You Don’t Speaks To Me, I’ll Understand. If You Ignore Me, I’ll Understand. But If You Stop Being Important In My Life, It’s Your Turn To Understand. ( Hurt Status for Whatsapp )


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