How to Optimize your Website with Local SEO?

As we have already commented on more than one occasion on our blog what is local SEO? It continues to be decisive when it comes to obtaining a good positioning. It is true that a good content marketing strategy is vital. However, there are some aspects of SEO, such as on page SEO, or link building, that we should not ignore under any circumstances.

However, today, we are going to talk about another SEO modality that is none other than the local one. A type of positioning, which, as we will be able to see below, is carried out in a slightly different way, since the scope of action is a little more restricted.

Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

If we start from the basic definition of SEO, that is, that set of techniques that are aimed at improving the positioning of a web page in the different search engines, and we combine it with the local term, we can say that local SEO is that set of actions that will allow us to position our website in a really good way within a very specific area.

This specific area, as a general rule, will be the geographical area in which our business has more prominence. It can be a town, it can be a province, and it can even be an area as small as a neighborhood.

This definition makes the measures we have to take very different from those we carry out when our strategy is framed within a much more global scope.

What is Local SEO for?

We have to understand that the fact of having a certain presence on the internet, for some time now, has become a determining factor for any type of company regardless of its size. Moreover, we could even say that it is something basic even for those self-employed who want to make a niche within a certain sector. And, if we take into account that Internet access is something totally globalized, an optimal presence in this medium is essential so that we can achieve our objectives in a much more efficient way.

Well, if we confine ourselves to a more local area, we can say without fear of being wrong that local SEO serves to be much more competitive, as we have already said, within our neighborhood, population or even province.

What are the Benefits it has?

In the same way that a good SEO strategy at a global level has very clear benefits, within local SEO, we can find other advantages for local SEO checklist that we have to take advantage of without a doubt.

  • Greater visibility. This is fundamental since thanks to these strategies, which we are going to comment on in a little more detail below, we are going to be in the top positions of the different search engines within our field.
  • Greater volume of potential clients. As a direct consequence of the previous point, we can say that we will be able to attract a greater number of potential clients by having a better presence in the SERPs.
  • If the local SEO strategy is carried out in the right way, we will not only capture those potential clients who carry out their searches through a computer. We will also capture those customers who carry out their searches through mobile devices. Some searches, which especially in the last two years, accentuate and give great importance to this factor since what it is about is to offer results that are very useful.

By what Method should Neighborhood SEO be Finished?

  • First of all, we must define in the most exact way possible what our activity is and the sector to which we are dedicated. And it is that, only in this way, we are going to allow Google to fit the user’s search without any problem with the results in which we are going to be the protagonists.
  • Likewise, and once we have defined the commercial activity to which we dedicate ourselves, it is time to define the geographical area in which we want to have a greater influence. We’ve already mentioned that local SEO is about just that. For all this, we will have to define if we want to act in a neighborhood, in a town or in a province.
  • As in any digital marketing strategy, and local SEO is no exception, we have to know what kind of person we want our client to be. Only in this way will we know which springs to activate to attract their attention and consequently obtain benefits.
  • But of course, all this would be useless if we were not able to identify the main keywords in our sector. With this what we mean is that the study of these keywords is really fundamental. A study, which from our point of view, should take us considerable time since it can become the basis of our entire strategy.
  • Once we have done the corresponding keyword study, it is time to incorporate the geographic terms of our scope. If, for example, we are operating in a province, those keywords will have to be followed by the name of the province.
  • This is the platform that will allow us to have a greater impact within a local area. Here we can register our business, we can offer information about it and it will be the cornerstone around which the entire local positioning process will revolve.
  • To finish, but not least, we also have to take into account what resources are available to us. In this case we are talking about the budget, the human team as well as the tools.

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