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61) People Don’t Care For You When You Are Alone. They Just Care For You When They Are Alone. ( Selfish Quotes )

62) Selfish People Tend To Only Be Good To Themselves. Then Are Surprised When They Are Alone.

63) I Overreact. I Overthink Everything. I Dream Big And When I Say I Love You, I’M Not Lying.

64) Never Put Them First, If You Always Comes Last. Never Give Your All, If You Only Get Half.

65) If You’re Wrong, Own Up To What You Didn’t Do Right. That’s How You Learn And Earn Respect.

66) Call Me Selfish. But You’re One Of The Blessings That I Don’t Want To Share With Anyone Else.

67) The Craziest, Most Selfish Act Is To Commit Suicide. When You Kill Yourself, You Kill Others.

68) If You’re Gonna Be Selfish Then Don’t Expect People To Be There For You When You Need Someone.

69) When Someone Says ” You’ve Changes” It Simply Means You’ve Stopped Living Your Life Their Way.

70) Have You Gone Out Of Your Way To Help Someone And Then Find Out How Ungrateful They Really Are.

71) Liars; Those People Who Hide Behind The Truth For No Real Reason But For Their Own Selfish Gain.

72) People These Days Are Too Fake. They Say I’M Always Here For You ! Bit** Please ! Give Me Break. ( Selfish Quotes )

73) Selfishness Is Not Living As One Wishes To Live, It Is Asking Others To Live As One Wishes To Live.

74) I Am Thankful For The Difficult People In My Life. They Have Shown Me Exactly Who I Don’t Want To Be.

75) When People Are Two Faced, The Only Thing You’ll Know For Sure Is That You Can’t Trust Either Of Them.

76) Selfish Persons Are Incapable Of Loving Others, But They Are Not Capable Of Loving Themselves Either.

77) Respect People’s Feeling. Even If It Doesn’t Mean Anything To You. It Could Be Mean Everything To Them.

78) I No Longer Have The Energy For Meaningless Friendship, Forced Interactions Or Unnecessary Conversations.

79) I Never Gave You A Reason To Hate Me. You’re Just Just Creating Your Own Little Drama Of Pure Insecurity.

80) Happiness Doesn’t Come Through Selfishness, But Through Selfishness. Everything You Do Comes Back Around.

81) I’M A Little Selfish For Asking My Best Friends To Move In Near By My Place But I Just Love Their Company. ( Selfish Quotes )

82) Each Night I Put My Head To My Pillow & I Try To Tell Myself I’M Strong I’ve Gone One More Day Without You.

83) If You Have A Choice Between Me & Her, Choose Her Because If You Really Loved Me There Wouldn’t Be A Choice.

84) I Didn’t Want To Be Greedy. It’s A Mark Of Bad Character And I Always Believed That Pigs Go The Slaughter House.

85) When You Love Yourself More, People Say You Are Selfish. When You Care For Others More, They Say You Are Stupid.

86) One Who Is Unselfish Can Begin To Care For One Who Is Selfish But One Who Is Selfish Will Care Only For Himself.

87) When You Love Yourself More, People Say You Are Selfish. When You Care For Others More, They Say You Are Stupid.

88) I Have No Respect Or Sympathy For People Who Act Like They’re The Only One That’s Going Through Something In Life.

89) It Really Is Ok For There To Be Times When You Stop Putting Everyone Else First, And Just Do What’s Best For You.

90) Who Are Happy For Your Happiness & Sad For Your Sadness. They’re The One Who Deserve Special Places In Your Heart. ( Selfish Quotes )

91) Putting Yourself First Is Not Selfish. Thinking About Yourself Constantly Is Selfish. Please Respect The Difference.

92) The Selfish Man Suffers More From His Selfishness Than He From Who That Selfishness With Holds Some Important Benefit.

93) Being Overprotective Doesn’t Mean That I Am Selfish. Sometimes Its Just A Way Of Letting People Know That Mine Is Mine.

94) You can’t Let Yourself Fail Just Because The People In Your Circle Aren’t Ready To Succeed. Sometimes You Have Be Selfish.

95) If He Wants You All To Himself, But He Isn’t Prepared To Give Himself All To You, Then You Should Give Him Nothing At All.

96) I’M Not Even Gonna Get Mad Anymore. I’M Just Going To Learn To Expect The Lowest Out Of The People I Thought The Highest Of.

97) Sometimes I Regret Being Nice, Apologizing When I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong, And For Making Unworthy People A Priority In My Life.

98) People Need To Learn That Their Actions Do Affect Other People. So Be Careful What You Say And Do, Its Not Always Just About You. ( Selfish Quotes )

99) Being Able To Own Yourself Is A Blessing. When Dependent On Other Belongs For Survival Your Chance To Breathe Slims. Own Yourself.

100) Don’t Feel Sad Over Someone Who Gave Up On You. Feel Sorry For Them Because They Gave Up Someone Who Would Have Never Given Up On Them.

101) Self Is Your Center, And To Be Selfish Is The Only Way There Is To Be The More You Try To Be Not Selfish The More You Become Eccentric.

102) I Want To Be The Most Selfish Person In The World And Have You All To Myself, But I Can’t Be That Person…I Need You To Be Happy First.

103) The Most Miserable People Are Those Who Care Only About Themselves, Understand Only Their Own Troubles And See Only Their Own Perspective.

104) I Want To Be The Most Selfish Person In The World And Have You All To Myself, But I Can’t Be That Person… I Need You To Be Happy First.

105) Learn To Love Without Condition. Talk Without Bad Intention. Give Without Any Reason. And Most Of All, Care For People Without Any Expectation.

106) Selfish People Lose So Much In Life, Because Even When They Realize They Are Wrong, They Don’t Know How To Ask For Forgiveness Or Show Regrets. ( Selfish Quotes )

107) Depression Makes You Selfish. It’s Very Hard To Think Of Other People When You’re Wrapped In A Prickly Blanket Of Unexplained Unwanted Emotions.

108) Tell Them What They Need To Hear. Make Their Happiness Come Before Your Own And Smile Even Though You’re Dying Inside. That’s True Unselfish Love.

109) Being Selfish Will Never Get You Far In A Relationship. Be Willing And Prepared To Pour Into Your Partner The Things That Truly Speak To Their Heart.

110) There Are Many Selfish People Who Are Extremely Original, Then They Take Those Pure Ideas And Use Them To Raise Themselves Up, That Is An Insincere Move.

111) There Are Some People Who Always Seen Angry And Continuously Look For Conflict. Walk Away; The Battle They Are Fighting Isn’t With You, It Is With Themselves.

112) Selfish People Often Mistake Selfishness For Strength. It Takes No Talent, No Intelligence, No Self Control And No Effort To Sacrifice Other People For Your Ego.

113) It Is Not Selfish To Be Happy. It Is Your Highest Purpose. Your Joy Is The Greatest Contribution You Can Make To Life On The Planer. A Heart At Peace With Its Owner Blesses Everyone It Touches.

114) Don’t Be So Selfish To Live You Entire Life For Yourself. Heal Others, Heal Others. Live For The Benefits Of Others & And Contribute Your Role In Making This World A Beautiful Place For Living. ( Selfish Quotes )


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So, I hope You have enjoyed Collection of Selfish Quotes & Sayings. Being Selfish is Not Bad. You Must Respect Yourself First. Surround Yourself with the People Who Treats in the Way You Deserved to be. People Who Want to See Yourself Happy. But There is also Bad things in the World, But that doesn’t mean You Should Spend Your entire life nervous & guilty. Being Selfish is very good for everyone. It reflects your own Happiness & Self Care. So, Read Our Selfish Quotes to Learn How to Be Selfish.

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