Dubai’s JBR, known as Jumeirah Beach Residences is a waterfront neighbourhood, renowned for its beachfront apartments, vibrant vibes and pleasant atmosphere. For families with kids, this has to be an excellent neighbourhood, as it has almost everything here, including quality residencies, play areas for the kids, nurseries in JBR and much more. 

You as a parent want what is best for your kid, and therefore from selecting the right clothes for your child to education, nothing can be compromised. This neighbourhood is home to an array of prestigious schools as well as nurseries to give your child a quality education without compromising on it. 

Parents and students have the right to choose from top-rated learning centres that follow international curriculums and mold children into leaders. If you are planning to relocate to JBR with your family and are looking for an option to nurture your kid’s early education needs, Dubai Sotheby’s International Realty LTD. has got you covered. 

Jumeirah Beach Residences: A Family-Driven Neighbourhood in Dubai 

Dubai is home to some of the best neighbourhoods, each bringing out something extraordinary and unique for its residents. However, if you are looking for a more relaxed, family-driven waterfront community, this is it. JBR is a complete family-friendly neighbourhood, packed with lots of exciting things to do, places to explore and soak the vistas of the waterfront vibes around. 

Being a beachfront address lots of residences here get the views of the sea right outside their terrace. Some apartments can also get views of Ain Dubai, and the Bluewater area, worth waking up to every day.

It is a calm yet energetic abode, where you can take leisure strolls around, walk and jog around the waterfront promenade, and relish the first-rated amenities. Within the community, you will find lots of parks and play areas, along with kids-friendly recreational activities. Families here are bound to spend a secure, and precious time together with their beloved ones. 

The Top Nurseries in Jumeirah Beach Residences 

In this blog, let us delve into the best nurseries in JBR that can help you make an informed and ideal decision for your kid’s education journey. Finding out what is best for your child: 

Odyssey Nursery

Address: Rimal 5 – Plaza Level, JBR

Contact +971 56 538 4642

Number one in the list is Parent’s most favourite, and trusted nursery, Odyssey. This is one of Dubai’s most talked about the nursery, also the leading Reggio Emilia-inspired learning centre for your kids. It promotes a progressive early learning environment designed for kids to build self-esteem and cultivate independence. This school has been awarded as a ‘Great Place to Work’ which directly impacts the students because a happy staff can build a happy environment of learning. Kids will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with other kids who come from different backgrounds. 

The child here receives the utmost care and nurturing, in a setting that is quite happening and exciting, for the kids to learn, groom and get a solid foundation for their future. Children at Odyssey learn faster, as they are exposed to a full hands-on learning opportunity with a sensory play area. Classrooms are technologically advanced, with light projection, and other learning materials for the growth of kids in their early stages. All these advanced techniques help support the growth of the little one, so you can rest assured that they are in safe hands. 

Monroe’s Nursery

Address: Murjan 6 – Jumeirah Beach Road

Contact:+971 4 423 3657

Welcome to Monroe’s Nursery, an excellent space for your kids during their formative stage. This nursery caters to kids from the age of three months to 5 years and follows the British Foundation stage curriculum. The nursery is bright and spacious, with a purpose-built classroom, playroom, and sensory room as well, all in one. The teachers here keep kids engaged and entertained, with appropriate techniques, to shape them. Here, staff are trained first, so they know how to handle your little one, and what values to inculcate in them. Rest assured, your kids will be in safe hands, and they will learn everything that is needed at their age. 

The best part about the nursery is they maintain a weekly timetable for each kid here, and it is emailed to their parents. For your kids, learning won’t be limited to books and poetries, but there are other activities too they will be engaged in, including gym, football, gardening and music, as an add-ón to explore their interests. There is a dedicated creative zone that helps your kids communicate their feelings through paintings, using colours to express themselves. There are even Arabic classes for them to learn and excel in a second language and become fluent, as kids of the age adopt faster.

Maple Bear Nursery

Address: Sadaf Block, JBR

Contact: +971 56 435 9234

Introducing a custom-built, early learning centre, Maple Bear Nursery right in the heart of JBR, Dubai. They offer a dedicated preschool program from 12 months to 6 years and have age-appropriate designated areas for the kids to encourage development and growth. This institution delivers Canadian education which is focused on child-centric and play-based learning. They also promote bilingualism, with a balanced language program focusing strongly on English and French. This nursery in JBR also provides a STEAM education for your kids to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts as well as Mathematics.

The nursery prioritizes helping children develop various qualities like being kind, confident, respectful and even empathetic. They have endless positive reviews on their website and provide a very warm and inviting place for your kids to feel safe and comfortable, like a second home. This is indeed one of the best nurseries in JBR that promises small classroom size to give an individualized approach to kids. The spacious classroom invites lots of sunshine and positivity to elevate the mood and well-being of your child.

Jebel Ali Village School 

Address: Al Bahar Tower 1, JBR

Contact:  +971 4 424 3791

This is another most loved nurseries for kids living in JBR and the surrounding area, close to the beach and the popular JBR Walk. They accept kids from the age of 45 days to 5 years. They have 13 bright and spacious purpose-built classrooms, also an indoor music room, a sensory room along a playroom. They are proud of their extensive, and large outdoor space, giving freedom for the kids to explore all possibilities and enjoy a pleasant time here. For the parents who visit them for the first time, it comes as a surprise to see a huge nursery right in the heart of JBR; Dubai. 

Here, you will find dedicated areas as per the age group, where kids can enjoy activities as well as resources appropriate for them to learn, grow and play. They follow the EYFS curriculum that is aimed at encouraging young kids, with fun learning experiences. Jebel Ali Village School follows an open-door policy where every parent feels secure to come in, explore, and see what is best for their kids. 

British Orchard Nursery

Address: Thrifty – Shams 2 JBR

Contact:  +971 4 447 5881

They are a leading childcare provider, having branches in UAE as well as the UK: They know that choosing the right nursery for kids is crucial and therefore provide excellent opportunities for your kids to learn, develop and prosper. The nursery provides personalized care in a secure and supportive environment, with teachers who keep on encouraging young minds and providing a stimulating atmosphere. 

They have gained prestigious international quality awards, making them one-of-a-kind nurseries in the GCC region. The nursery is also recognized by 30 nations and holds a prime job of nurturing your little ones and individually assessing them. They follow  British Early Years Foundation Stages with 7 core areas of learning based on age! There are a range of programs that they offer, which are based on research and the latest technologies in this field. 

Selecting the Right Nursery Is Important

Selecting the right nursery for your little one is crucial for their educational journey. These nurseries in JBR not only prove to be the ideal option but also give a safe, joyful and interactive environment for them to bloom and grow. The range of educational facilities and amenities offered here will help support the growth of your kid’s cognitive, and emotional wellbeing. 

This list of nurseries also caters to the distinguished needs of parents and keeps on updating as per the needs, and demands of all. Whether you are looking for a dedicated structured program for your child, or a child-led learning environment, these pre-schools are bound to fulfil your expectations. Nursery should be a safe zone for your child, so they trust and are willing to go there every day. Therefore, it is best to take your little one along with you when you pay a visit to these nurseries, to find out which one they are comfortable with. 



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