Funny Online Dating Conversation Starters


Funny Online Dating Conversation Starters

Have you ever used a dating site or got with someone on social networks? Seems like the majority of us can make this kind of display. We live in the 21st century, and more often, people meet each other online but not in the cafes or libraries. In this review, we’ll talk about opening messages or provide you with a few valuable pieces of advice on how to break the conversation online.

What Is a Dating Conversation Starter?

When you want to get acquainted with someone online, you should do your best to get to know more about that person. You can’t just write “Hi, how’s it going?” There are so many other options to start a conversation.

If you are interested in Russian or Ukrainian girls, but you are from Europe or USA, in all likelihood, you will use dating apps to get acquainted with girls. Well, you have just registered there, looked through a few profiles, and decided to start a conversation. What should you do next? Choose an appropriate conversation starter. This is a thoughtful question which must result in the information sharing. Simply put, these questions will help you break the ice faster and know more about your dialog partner.

Keep in mind that an effective conversation starter can lead to more meaningful first dates! Well, let’s proceed to the discussion of the best dating conversation starters.


The Most Effective Dating Conversation Starters

Are you ready to start messaging online? Have a look at the best and the most effective conversation starters and choose the best for yourself.

  1. What do you like to do on weekends?

At a glance, this is a simple question but it can tell a lot about a person. For instance, if your dialog partner answers that they like recreational sports, but you prefer staying at home and reading books, then this match is not for you.

  1. What five words can describe you most of all?

That might be a number one question for any person who wants to find a partner online! A person will be made to think in order to describe oneself using only 5 words. Besides, this tip will definitely help move the conversation.

  1. What is your favorite dish?

If you want to avoid unpleasant situations in the near future, you should ask this question. For instance, if this person is a vegetarian or rawatarian, you may face some difficulties while dating.

  1. What life accomplishments do you have?

In sober fact, life accomplishments are the best things which can characterize a person. So, if you want to know more about this or that person, we highly encourage you to put this question. It can tell you a lot about your dialog partner. After that, you will decide whether you want to meet them personally or not.

  1. Would you like to inherit money or you prefer earning cash yourself?

When you meet a person online, you can’t check how they treat money. Therefore, you can put this question which will tell you more about their money mindset. Besides, money is a very important thing in any relationship. Some couples even break up because of money issues. That’s why if you wish to avoid all the difficulties in the future relationship, you should ask this question.

  1. Do you like your job?

Unfortunately, many people work only because they need cash. They accomplish different tasks, but they aren’t passionate about this job. This question allows you to see how motivated this person is. If you are a goal-oriented person, who used to establish goals and achieve them, this person won’t be a good match for you.

  1. Do you like surprises?

Unfortunately, not all people like surprises, spontaneous trips, or unplanned activities. If you are quick off the mark, can easily get ready for a foremost trip, or like spending time outdoors, you must ask this question. If your dialog partner prefers planning everything beforehand, you won’t be happy together.

Using our insightful tips, you’ll start up a conversation online without any efforts. Besides, you’ll know more information about your future partner even before the first date.


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