Good Morning Funny Lookin’ | How to Be Romantic First Thing in the AM


How to Be Romantic First Thing in the AM

Being in a loving relationship isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be a lot work.

One of the keys to keeping your romance on the right track is to not neglect romance. Keep in mind that romance comes in different forms, and being romantic doesn’t mean you have to send flowers to your partner every day.

The way you start your day together is as important as anything else. Good morning funny goes a long way. After all, putting a smile on your partner’s face first thing will help keep them smiling all day long.

This article takes a look at ways to have a funny good morning, so keep reading to see some good morning rituals to help get your love life off on the right foot in the AM.

Always Say “I Love You”

There’s nothing better than waking to hear those magical three words that fill your heart with joy. Saying I love you even before you open your eyes is the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s such an easy thing to do. And it’s free.

Keep in mind that waking up beside your partner is a blessing. So never take it for granted. Just take a moment to reach over and touch their hand and tell her you love her, and mean it.

Morning Sex

Let’s be honest for a moment. Morning sex is the best sex ever. There’s just something about emerging from the world of dreams to the warmth of your partner’s body.

This is the perfect time for intimacy. After all, you’re both rested, warmed by morning light, and you haven’t yet had time for the stresses of life to pull your attention away from each other.

There’s something especially sensual about sexual intimacy while you’re both still sleepy and vulnerable, and the sexiness of tasseled and sleepy eyes is hard to beat. So stay under the covers and love each other up, and take advantage of starting your day together in the best way possible.

Tell Each Other a Joke

She loves you for your sense of humor, right? Well then, we suggest rolling over and putting a smile on that pretty face with a joke. Or even better, make it a morning ritual to tell each other a joke.

This is especially fun because telling a joke each morning will keep you on the lookout for new comic material throughout the day. Keep in mind that these don’t have to be good jokes. In fact, the dumber the better. The point is to make each other laugh in an effort to get the day started with a smile.

And never forget that a good laugh under the covers at first light will often result in great morning sex.

Talk About Plans for the Day

Try to remember that there’s no rush to get out of bed. Morning is the best time to spend quality time together. Perhaps set the alarm to wake you a little early so that you have time to snuggle and chat.

Talk about your daily schedule and plans for the week, activities for the weekend, and whatever else might be on your mind.

Most people are exhausted by the time they get to bed in the evening, so they often crash and are asleep quickly. But in the morning you’re fresh. This is an ideal time to catch up on what’s going on in life, to communicate, and to just have a few quality moments together before the hectic energy of everyday life crashes in on you.

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Snuggle Time in Bed

It’s no secret that physical touch is one of the most important aspects of being human. Therapists have made it very clear that physical contact is vital to healthy emotional well-being.

In fact, snuggle time could be one of the most important ways to keep you connected with your partner. It provides a feeling of comfort and security. The warmth of your bodies touching offers each of you the kind of love and reassurance that you really cannot get from any other source.

And keep in mind that quality snuggling is another way to get you both in the mood for sex.

Keep Things Positive 

We understand that most people are in a rush to get to work in the morning. So from the moment you wake up, you’re likely fighting over the bathroom, chugging coffee, scarfing down breakfast, and getting dressed and out the door as quickly as humanly possible.

Unfortunately, this often results in partners snapping at each other.

Making an effort to slow down and keep things positive can have a huge impact on the rest of your day. Not only that, starting your day positive will nurture feelings of positivity that will carry over into the evening when you see each other next.

Even if there’s some tension in the morning, make an effort leave each other with a smile, a kiss, and tell them “I love you”. You’ll find that this is one of the best investments you can make in your relationship.

Kiss Before Leaving the House

Speaking of kisses, never leave the house for work without a kiss goodbye. Again, this goes back to intimacy and physical contact. The value of this small yet vital gesture of love cannot be overstated.

A simple peck on the lips is really all it takes.

So take the time and make the effort. We promise that you won’t regret it.

Start the Day Right with Good Morning Funny

Starting the day right has a significant impact on the quality of your afternoon and evening. That’s why creating good morning funny rituals is so important.

You’ve always made each other laugh, so why not make each other smile as soon as your eyes are open? You’ll quickly discover that this is one of the key ingredients to maintaining a happy life together.

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