Happy Birthday in Spanish 2023! Feliz Cumpleaños!

Happy Birthday in Spanish: Are you searching for an original way to wish someone a happy birthday in Spanish? Downloading a traditional Happy Birthday song in Spanish is the ideal way to show your affection and respect.

The classic Happy Birthday song in Spanish is an integral part of any birthday celebration. Whether you are honoring a family member, friend, or loved one on their special day, this song can add an extra special touch to the occasion.

Happy Birthday in Spanish

The timeless tradition of singing “Happy Birthday” in Spanish is an elegant and heartfelt way to convey your best wishes to the birthday person. Composed centuries ago, this timeless classic will remain popular throughout the years. If you’re looking for Happy Birthday lyrics in Spanish, you’ve come to the right place.

The words of the traditional Happy Birthday song in Spanish are straightforward but powerful. They convey our wishes for a long, healthy, and prosperous life for the birthday person. This heartfelt tribute plays an integral role in any birthday celebration – it’s an ideal way to show your affection and show your admiration.

The classic Happy Birthday song in Spanish can be downloaded from various websites. It is also accessible on YouTube and other streaming services. Furthermore, different websites provide different versions of this stunning tune. You might wonder How to Say Happy Birthday in Spanish or might be Looking for Happy Birthday Wishes in Spanish, so here We have collected some of the common & Best wishes for Happy Birthday in Spanish.

Happy Birthday in Spanish (Wishes)

¡Feliz cumpleaños! (Happy birthday!)


¡Feliz cumple! (Happy birthday! (casual))


¡Feliz cumpleaños atrasado! (Belated happy birthday!)


¡Muchas felicidades! (Congratulations!)


Te deseo todo lo mejor en tu cumpleaños. (I wish you the best on your birthday.)


¡Que cumplas muchos más! (Hope you have many more!)


Que tengas un día muy especial. (Have a very special day.)


¡Que tengas muchos más! (Many happy returns!)


¡Gracias por haber nacido! (Thanks for being born!)


Feliz cumpleaños, mi amor. (Happy birthday my love.)


Feliz cumpleaños, hermano / hermana / mamá / papá. (Happy birthday, brother/sister/mom/dad.)


Feliz cumpleaños, abuelo / abuela. (Happy birthday grandma/grandpa.)


Otro año alrededor del sol – ¡Feliz cumpleaños! (Another year around the sun – happy birthday!)


¡Te deseo un muy feliz cumpleaños! (Wishing you a very happy birthday!)


Feliz cumpleaños, mi amigo. (Happy birthday my friend.)


Feliz cumpleaños, primo. (Happy birthday, cousin.)


¡Mis mejores deseos en tu cumpleaños! (Best birthday wishes to you!)


¡Feliz cumpleaños, hermoso! (Happy birthday beautiful!)


Feliz cumpleaños 21/30/40/50. (Happy 21st/ 30th/40th/50th etc. birthday)


¡Espero que todos tus deseos de cumpleaños se cumplan! (Hope all your birthday wishes come true!)


Feliz cumpleaños en el cielo. (Happy birthday in heaven.)


Feliz cumpleaños, ¡que la pases bien! (Happy birthday, have a good one!)


Feliz cumpleaños, ¡espero que disfrutes tu día! (Happy birthday, I hope you enjoy your day!)


¡Que tengas un cumpleaños fabuloso! (Have a fabulous birthday!)


Espero que tengas un cumpleaños maravilloso. (I hope you have a wonderful birthday.)


¡Te deseo lo mejor! (All the best!)


¡Que tu día esté lleno de risas! (May your birthday be filled with laughter!)


Te deseo lo mejor en tu día especial. (I wish you the best on your special day.)


¡Te deseo el mejor festejo por tu cumpleaños! (Wishing you the best birthday celebration!)


Te deseo muchas más velitas para soplar. (Wishing you many more candles to blow)


Te deseo un día tan especial como tú lo eres. (Wishing you a day that is as special as you are.)


Te deseo lo mejor en el año que viene. (I wish you the best in the year to come.)


Feliz cumpleaños, y ¡recuerda que la edad es solamente un número! (Happy birthday, and remember that age is just a number!)


¡Felicidades por otro viaje alrededor del sol! (Congratulations on another trip around the sun!)


Por buena salud y felicidad, feliz cumpleaños. (To good health and happiness, happy birthday.)


¡Feliz día de pastel! (Happy cake day!)


¡Que tengas un gran cumpleaños! ¡Te lo mereces! (Have a great birthday! You deserve it!)


¡Felicidades por otro año bien aprovechado! (Congratulations on another year well spent!)


¡Feliz cumpleaños! No cuentes las velas, solo disfruta su brillo. (Happy birthday! Don’t count the candles, just enjoy the glow. )




Feliz cumpleaños a ti
feliz cumpleaños a ti
feliz cumpleaños querido/a(name)
feliz cumpleaños a ti.

Happy Birthday in Argentina:

Qué los cumplas feliz
que los cumplas feliz
que los cumplas (name)
que los cumplas feliz.

Happy Birthday in Chile:

Cumpleaños feliz
te deseamos a ti
feliz cumpleaños (name)
que los cumplas feliz.

Happy Birthday in Spain:

Cumpleaños feliz
cumpleaños feliz
te deseamos (name)
cumpleaños feliz.

Happy Birthday in Colombia:

Cumpleaños feliz
te deseamos a ti
cumpleaños (name)
cumpleaños feliz.
Que los cumpla feliz,
que los vuelva a cumplir,
que los siga cumpliendo,
Hasta el año 3000.


The Happy Birthday To Yousong was controversially copyrighted in 1935. Rights were due to expire in 2030 in America and in 2016 in Europe. Unauthorized performances of the Happy birthday song were technically illegal. Artists who wanted to use it had to pay royalties. A U.S. District Judge ruled in 2015 that the 1935 copyright was only applicable to one arrangement of the song and not the entire tune. Happy birthday to you has always been in the public domain.

Many countries have their own traditional songs for birthdays, in addition to the Happy Birthday song. Another popular song used to celebrate birthdays in Spain is Feliz En Tu Dia (Happy on Your Day). You can also share these Cool Birthday Messages as Your Whatsapp Status for Friends.


Feliz, feliz en tu día
amiguito que Dios te bendiga
que reine la paz en tu vida
y que cumplas muchos más


Are there any traditional birthday songs in Spanish-speaking cultures?

Do Spanish-speaking countries celebrate birthdays in a similar way to other countries?

Yes, although there may be some cultural variations in how birthdays are celebrated, the basic idea of marking the occasion with gifts, cake, and celebration is similar across many countries.

Are there any other ways to wish someone a happy birthday in Spanish?


Many birthday customs in Latin American and Argentina differ from Anglo-Saxon cultures. For instance, ear pulling is a common rite where friends and family members pull the birthday boy/girl’s ear as many times as they, please. Another tradition is that the birthday person pays for drinks or meals when celebrating with friends – an excellent thing to know if your big day falls somewhere in Latin America!

Sending someone a happy birthday in Spanish is an elegant and meaningful way to mark this momentous event. Whether you use the classic phrase “Feliz cumpleanos” or add your own personalized message, expressing your good wishes in Spanish can help foster connections with Spanish-speaking friends and family members. So next time you want to say “!Feliz cumpleanos!” and make their day extra special will help ensure they remember you for it.

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