Understanding More About Shortfill E-Liquid and Its Uses


Understanding More About Shortfill E-Liquid and Its Uses

Vaping is a relatively new habit that has taken the world by storm. Both young adults and seniors have accepted the habit as a safer alternative to smoking. However, more young adults have joined the trend because they consider vaping to be a cool lifestyle because of influence by peers and celebrities.

All in all, anyone who is into vaping should understand all the essential accessories and learn about others to see if there are better opportunities out there. For today, the main focus will be on e-juice, particularly shortfill e-liquid. Pay close attention to the insights provided below.

Shortfill E-Liquid Explained

Probably, you have come across these e-juices as a novice vaping fan and wondered what they are. These are e-juices like any other. The only difference is that they come in bottles that are not completely full and that they also have no nicotine. Users who want to add nicotine, which is usually the case, will buy it separately and add it to the e-juice. They shake the bottle before use. This is why they gained the popular name ”shake and vape.”

These e-juices have a history dating back to a couple of years ago before the strict vaping regulations of 2017. If you were vaping then, you would have been allowed to walk into or visit an online vape shop like ePuffer and order as much e-liquid as possible. This is why shortfill e-liquid came in larger bottles and people could buy as many as they wanted. Today, you cannot do this because there is a limit on purchases.

Using Shortfill E-Liquid

Luckily, these e-liquids come in different flavors. Although the bottle sizes have been reduced to comply with regulations of countries like the UK, they still have the same concept of ”shake and vape.” Those who do not want to add a shot of nicotine can enjoy the vape as it is by adding the e-liquid directly from the bottle to the vape mod, mod box or vape pen.

Nicotine is addictive, and people who choose to add a shot of it will have an opportunity to do so. Shortfill e-liquid is great because one cannot add more than the maximum amount of nicotine, which is one shot per bottle. After all, this is the remaining space that is left in the bottle by default.

Shaking well to mix the ingredients is recommended, but one thing to know is that the initial quality of the e-liquid will determine how much you will enjoy it. This includes the PG to VG, flavors and the other main ingredients. If you choose these carefully, you will definitely enjoy vaping from the beginning to the end.

The last thing to note is that the shortfill e-liquids have a high VG ratio. Thus, they are recommended for those who have devices with low-resistance coils. The result includes deep clouds and a high throat hit.


After these details about shortfill e-liquids, you can now make a decision about whether or not this is for you. There are still many people who are enjoying these e-juices today, and you too can join the trend.


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