TOP 100+ Best Mehndi Designs Pattern 2022

Best Mehndi Designs Pattern : We know you love applying mehndi and so we are back with some great patterns which will suit your personality. Since years Indian women have been applying Mehndi on various occasions, especially weddings. No traditional function is complete without women applying mehndi on hands and feet, these days they have also started applying on arms like a tattoo. To rock the party with your beauty let’s just get yourself all prepped with beautiful mehndi which will make you look more elegant and enhance your inner beauty.

TOP Mehndi Pattern

Best Mehndi Designs Pattern

A beautiful mehndi pattern with intricate details and floral motifs, this design can be a combination of peacock and floral patterns, tiny flowers, which will give a unique contemporary look and lovely new, not so orthodox pattern on the hands. From modern design let’s move to some traditional patterns. Few designs specially made for Indian bride and half hand patterns for the close family members for the joyous occasion. Patterns like flowers, circles, images of bride and groom, the entire story of wedding, laces, bangles all look so gorgeous which the full arms of the bride to make her look more glamorous. When it comes to mehndi for a bride, they not only apply on hands but also on feet. It is very apt for such occasion to apply mehndi on both hands and feet. It covers from ankle till the entire foot. The design embraces the ankle with designs like floral or lace to look beautiful.

Mehndi Pattern

The tips of fingers are left without any design. According to the tradition, the tips are not filled with any design but they put a patch like to look darker after removing. This enhances the look of complete mehndi pattern and makes it ideal for a bride to be. In modern mehndi, even the tips are given a pattern continued with the finger pattern. Some people like it simple and the others like to see their hands filled up with no gap. Sometimes it looks messy but given slight gap looks appealing. Such design is apt for bride’s maid or the other close family members.

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Another mehndi pattern is for young people who like mehndi but not tradition or filled ones. They can apply a pattern which is diagonal on their palm and thin line in fingers. Various shapes can be created like small circles, hearts, and leaves to look funky and not so messy. College goers will simply like to flaunt it. For those women who want minimal mehndi designs on their hands, there are few designs like just applying a floral in the center and decorating the fingers individually. Colorful stones can be added or some glitter for glam. Stones are available in different size and shapes which suit your outfit for the day. They can be removed according to the theme to look more vibrant. A big stone can be put in the circular or middle part of the pattern and other tiny stones around that. Make sure you use proper adhesive to stick these stones so that they can be easily removed too.

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