1000+ Knowledge Quotes & Sayings 2023

Quotes about Knowledge & Wisdom

101) The Power Of Concentration Is The Only Key To The Treasure-House Of Knowledge.

102) Ignorance Is The Curse Of God; Knowledge Is The Wing Wherewith We Fly To Heaven.

103) The Greatest Enemy Of Knowledge Is Not Ignorance, It Is The Illusion Of Knowledge.

104) Knowledge Is An Ocean That Has No Coast. You Keep Swimming Until The Day You Die.

105) Historical Knowledge Is Indispensable For Those Who Want To Build A Better World.

106) Self-Reverence, Self-Knowledge And Self-Control Alone Lead One To Sovereign Power.

107) Humility And Knowledge In Poor Clothes Excel Pride And Ignorance In Costly Attire.

108) Knowledge Is Knowing A Tomato Is A Fruit. Wisdom Is Not Putting It In A Fruit Salad.

109) Knowledge Is Gained By Learning; Trust By Doubt; Skill By Practice; And Love By Love.

110) Knowledge Is Learning Something Every Day, Wisdom Is Letting Go Of Something Every Day

111) A Little Knowledge That Acts Is Worth Infinitely More Than Much Knowledge That Is Idle.

112) A Little Knowledge That Acts Is Worth Infinitely More Than Much Knowledge That Is Idle.

113) Gaining Knowledge Is The First Step To Wisdom. Sharing It Is The First Step To Humanity.

114) The Purpose Of Information Is Not Knowledge. It Is Being Able To Take The Right Action.

115) It Is The Supreme Art Of The Teacher To Awaken Joy In Creative Expression And Knowledge.

116) It Is Not The Quantity But The Quality Of Knowledge Which Determines The Mind’S Dignity.

117) Two There Are Who Are Never Satisfied; The Lover Of The World, And The Lover Of Knowledge.

118) The Jewish Tradition Of Learning- Is Learning. Adam Chose Knowledge Instead Of Immortality.

119) Knowledge Knocks On The Door Of Action. If It Receives A Reply, It Stays, Otherwise It Departs.

120) Knowledge Of God’S Word Is A Bulwark Against Deception, Temptation, Accusation, Even Persecution.

121) Live And Act Within The Limit Of Your Knowledge And Keep Expanding It To The Limit Of Your Life.

122) When A Man’S Knowledge Is Not In Order, The More Of It He Has The Greater Will Be His Confusion.

123) Never Mistake Knowledge For Wisdom. One Helps You Make A Living; The Other Helps You Make A Life.

124) Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge. Knowledge Is Limited, Imagination Encircles The World.

125) A People Without The Knowledge Of Their Past History, Origin And Culture Is Like A Tree Without Roots.

126) There Is No Such Thing As Useless Knowledge. You Never Know What Doors It’S Going To Open Up For You.

127) All Knowledge Of Cultural Reality, As May Be Seen, Is Always Knowledge From Particular Points Of View.

128) If You Know You Are On The Right Track, If You Have This Inner Knowledge, Then Nobody Can Turn You Off.

129) The Pursuit Of Knowledge Is Never-Ending. The Day You Stop Seeking Knowledge Is The Day You Stop Growing.

130) What We Want Is To See The Child In The Pursuit Of Knowledge, And Not Knowledge In Pursuit Of The Child.

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131) The Pursuit Of Knowledge Is Never-Ending. The Day You Stop Seeking Knowledge Is The Day You Stop Growing.

132) The Gospel Is A Fountain Of Knowledge That Never Runs Dry. There Is Always Something New To Learn And Feel.

133) Integrity Without Knowledge Is Weak And Useless, And Knowledge Without Integrity Is Dangerous And Dreadful.

134) Wine Is Not Just An Object Of Pleasure, But An Object Of Knowledge And The Pleasure Depends On The Knowledge.

135) Learning Gives Creativity, Creativity Leads To Thinking, Thinking Provides Knowledge, Knowledge Makes You Great.

136) The Seat Of Knowledge Is In The Head; Of Wisdom, In The Heart. We Are Sure To Judge Wrong If We Do Not Feel Right.

137) Knowledge Exists Potentially In The Human Soul Like The Seed In The Soil; By Learning The Potential Becomes Actual.

138) Sorrow Is Knowledge, Those That Know The Most Must Mourn The Deepest, The Tree Of Knowledge Is Not The Tree Of Life.

139) Understanding Is Deeper Than Knowledge. There Are Many People Who Know You, But There Are Very Few Who Understand You.

140) Imagination Without Knowledge May Create Beautiful Things, Knowledge Without Imagination Can Create Only Perfect Ones.

141) All Knowledge That The World Has Ever Received Comes From The Mind; The Infinite Library Of The Universe Is In Our Mind.

142) Knowledge Is Power. Information Is Liberating. Education Is The Premise Of Progress, In Every Society, In Every Family.

143) Knowledge Is Invariably A Matter Of Degree; You Can Not Put Your Finger Upon Even The Simplest Of Datum And Say This We Know.

144) Knowledge Is Like Money; To Be Of Value It Must Circulate, And In Circulating It Can Increase In Quantity And, Hopefully, In Value.

145) You Can Give A Person Knowledge, But You Can’T Make Them Think. Some People Want To Remain Fools Only Because The Truth Requires Change.

146) They Say That Knowledge Is Power, But There Is No Knowledge More Powerful Than Knowing That By Your Very Thoughts, Your Own Future Is Created.

147) Self-Knowledge Puts Us On Our Knees, And It Is Very Necessary For Love. For Knowledge Of God Gives Love, And Knowledge Of Self Gives Humility.

148) Knowledge Of One’S Identity, One’S Self, Community, Religion And God, Is The True Meaning Of Resurrection, While Ignorance Of It Signifies Hell

149) The Introduction Of Many Minds Into Many Fields Of Learning Along A Broad Spectrum Keeps Alive Questions About The Accessibility, If Not The Unity, Of Knowledge.

150) Use Your Knowledge And Your Heart To Stand Up For Those Who Can’T Stand, Speak For Those Who Can’T Speak, Be A Beacon Of Light For Those Whose Lives Have Become Dark.

151) Through Zeal Knowledge Is Gotten, Through Lack Of Zeal Knowledge Is Lost; Let A Man Who Knows This Double Path Of Gain And Loss Thus Place Himself That Knowledge May Grow.

152) The Knowledge Of Self Is The Most Important Thing Because How Are You Going To Know God If You Don’T Know Yourself? How Are Going To Know Anything If You Don’T Know Yourself?

153) The Essence Of Education Is Not To Transfer Knowledge; It Is To Guide The Learning Process, To Put Responsibility For Study In The Student’S Own Hands And Place People On Their Own Path Of Discovery And Invention.

154) Every Human Being Relies On And Is Bounded By His Knowledge And Experience To Live. This Is What We Call “Reality”. However, Knowledge And Experience Are Ambiguous, Thus Reality Can Become An Illusion. Is It Not Possible To Think That, All Human Beings Are Living In Their Assumptions?

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No matter where you are on your journey of learning and discovery, there is always more knowledge to gain and share. By remaining curious, open-minded, and committed to personal growth, you can unlock the full potential of knowledge and use it for personal success while making a positive impact in the world.

In conclusion, knowledge is more than a collection of facts and figures; it’s an enormous force for personal and societal growth. By appreciating its value and remaining committed to lifelong learning, we can reach our objectives, broaden our horizons, and make an impact on the world.

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