What Are England’s Most Popular Premier League Clubs?

What Are England’s Most Popular Premier League Clubs

In England, football is, bar none, the most popular sport. Millions of Englishmen and women tune in to watch the game, follow a club with ardor and passion, and support their local team. It isn’t a shock to find out that football is the biggest English sport, as the game has drastically risen in popularity since its conception in the 1800s. Today, football has a worldwide audience of 3.5 billion, with that number steadily rising.

Football is hugely popular around the world, now just in terms of watched sport, but also as a practiced sport. Children in England begin practicing the sport from a very young age, and many high-schools have their own teams and clubs, which compete on a national level. The same is true for countries all over the world, including Argentina, South Africa, Japan, China, India, Italy, France, Spain, and even the United States, where watching the game is not all that popular.

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But, going back to England’s football scene, the English Premier League is the top tier of English football, where England’s best clubs compete for the title of champion. It is unsurprising then, that these clubs are some of England’s most popular, but just what are the most popular clubs competing in the EPL? Let’s find out.

Manchester United

It won’t surprise anyone to find out that Manchester United is the most popular English football club, not just in the Premier League, but in general. The club has a massive following in the world of football, and is considered among the most popular football clubs in the world, if not the most popular (though Real Madrid has a real claim to that title as well).

Man Utd. is one of England’s most successful clubs, having won 66 titles, a joint record with one of England’s other most prestigious clubs, Liverpool. During their 100+ year career, the club have won a record of 20 League titles, 12 Football Association Cups, and have won the European Cup/UEFA Champions League a staggering three times.

Just last year, the club reunited with one of their most popular members, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is, by far, one of the most beloved and respected footballers working today.


Liverpool is currently ranked 2nd in the Premier League, behind Manchester City (last year’s champions). While their career has been a turbulent one, they’ve never dropped out of the public eye as one of England’s most respected and beloved clubs. Their long-time rivalry with Manchester United and Everton has fueled their fans’ passion for decades, and not a game goes by that you don’t hear someone sing the club’s anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Liverpool’s history dates back 129 years, and in that time they have achieved huge success, producing some of the greatest players and winning a total of 66 titles, a join record with the aforementioned Manchester United.


The Gunners, as they are called by fans and detractors alike, are the last club we are going to take a look at in this article. Arsenal have won a total of 48 titles throughout their long and storied history. They have won a record of 14 Football Association Cups, two League Cups, 16 Football Association Community Shields, and are, by many metrics, England’s third most successful club.

The club has had a long-standing rivalry with neighboring club, Tottenham Hotspur, and matches between the two are often referred to as North London Derbies. Apart from Hotspur, however, the club has developed friendly and heated rivalries with some other of England’s most accomplished clubs, including Chelsea, Manchester United, West Ham United, and Fulham.

Apart from the club’s massive success on the field, they were also famous for their 7-foot-tall dinosaur mascot, the Gunnersaurus Rex, who first appeared 29 years ago, in 1993, in a match against Manchester United.

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