TOP 100+ Amazing Mehndi Designs for Kids 2022

Mehndi Designs for Kids: Mehndi, being the biggest pre-wedding event, is an integral one-night affair in the Indian weddings. Holding the ritualistic importance, it is also a fun event for the bride and all the family members specially kids are excited for mehndi designs to draw their name tatto. Mehndi is no more just the bride thing where all the attention is being given to the bride. Kids along with other ladies of the house participate with all their excitement too, however sometimes missing on the fun because of the limited designs. So, we thought of sharing some mehndi designs for your kids, making the event equally special for them as well.

Mehndi Designs for Kids: As we all know how famous mehndi designs have become and every single woman would like to apply on their hands and feet. Apart from adults even kids are more interested in getting designs done on their little hands. Though school may have banned mehndi hands but kids are no less. They wait for summers and functions at home so that they can fulfill their wish of applying mehndi. Biggest pre-wedding and one-night function in India, it holds a ritual to apply mehndi to not only the bride but to also other family members. Simple Mehndi Design for Kids are available online and can be designed on their hands. Mehndi Designs for Kids Hands can be filled with easy Mehndi Designs which are made only for kids like a big flower drawn at the center of the palm and leaves aside. For small tiny hands Easy Mehndi Designs are available. Kids are always excited to sit and get the designs done; it does not even take hours as their hands are too small to fill with mehndi. If the bride’s mehndi is an attraction then even kids mehndi tattoo is the limelight of the function. Sometimes due to few designs kids miss the fun of applying mehndi. We have tried our best to show you the Latest Mehndi Designs for Kids 2018 so that even they enjoy with the other members. Even if you write their name with mehndi on their hands they would be happy and run around showing their tattoo design. The princess-like hands cannot take care of detailed designed tattoo so we have Arabic Mehndi Designs for Kids which are easy and simple with just one line on their palm and it’s over.

Kids Mehndi Designs Images

easy arabic mehndi designs for kids

arabic mehndi designs for kids

beautiful mehndi designs for kids

best mehndi designs for kids

cute mehndi designs for kids

designs of mehndi for kids

1. This design is perfect for your princess’s little hands which can not take care of detailed henna design. Just a small circular pattern along with floral and dotted patterns on the sides make to be an elegant design. The filled finger tips which are very common for years still make to be first choice when it comes to a simple design, especially for kids.

easy simple mehndi designs for kids

easy mehndi designs for kids

Kids Cartoon mehndi design
Cartoon mehndi design for kids

2. This is for those kids who are impatient and super mischievous and are likely to ruin the design which is too detailed. This is one of the simplest designs while being a creative one for kids. The uneven floral patterns in the middle of the hand, short lines joining the adjoining designs, covering the finger tips. This simple design is perfect for your restless and naughty kid.

mehndi design for kids

mehndi designs for kid

mehndi designs for kids hands

mehndi designs for kids step by step

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3. This one is for the canvas of young, innocent kids who love flowers. This is usually considered to be one such designs which captures a kid’s innocence well. It has a flower in the centre with paisley design going on the wrist and with some random patterns of the fingers. This is simple yet best for kids.

mehndi easy designs for kids

mehndi simple designs for kids

mehndi designs for kids

mehndi designs for small kids

4. This one is for slightly older kids who are bit patient and enjoy mehndi designs. This beautiful design has a paisley motif in the middle of the back of her hand and floral designs below it. The finger tips consist of small, petal-like spiral designs. This design is a great option for many occasions including weddings.

simple and easy mehndi designs for hands for kids

simple and easy mehndi designs for kids

simple arabic mehndi designs for kids

simple mehndi designs for hands for kids

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5. This floral henna pattern which is also in the form of known Arabic mehndi style, is pretty neat with finest of details. It is a very simple design yet very elegant. The design begins from the tip of the middle finger, extending up to the wrist, consisting of floral motifs and a bangle like pattern making your little one’s hand very beautiful.

very easy mehndi designs for kids

simple mehndi designs for kids feet

simple mehndi designs for kids hands

simple mehndi designs for kids step by step

simple mehndi designs for kids

There are plenty more designs which can adorn your little princess’s hands, however more the options, more the confusion. Show this to your kid’s and make them pick a design for themselves. These are the simplest ones so that the mehndi function remains to the easy and enjoyable affair for you both. After all, it is all about having fun with the bride, isn’t it?

Easy Mehndi Designs for Kids include small circles, flower patterns, dotted patterns, and lines showing leaves. The filled finger tips are common for years and have been continued till date even for designs on kids hands. Cartoon mehndi designs are for those who are super anxious and cannot wait for the mehndi to be done. Just make a cartoon design at the center and leave the rest of the hand. It is simple yet creative for kids and they would definitely love to flaunt their tattoo. Next is floral design and patterns, short lines joining the adjoining designs, covering the finger tips. These simple designs are good for your impatient kid. Kids always love flowers and hearts or stars. They have always been looking for such designs wherever they go. Designing such tattoo on their hands would be appropriate with paisley design going on the wrist with random patterns.


Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Kids are the ones which are made for slightly older or teenagers who can sit for a while to get the design completed. They are those are patient and enjoy the style and designs made on their hands. You can make flowers, petals, and fill the finger tips too as they wouldn’t spoil the tattoo. This design is a great option for many occasions especially at weddings. Arabic mehndi style is also new for kids or teenagers. Even teenage girls like Arabic style which has minimal designs and their hands are not fully covered. They start with the wrist and cover cross line of the palm until the first finger tip. They consist of floral motifs, bangle-like pattern, making your little one’s hands look more beautiful. There are plenty designs made for kids and elder ones which can adorn the hands, but they are more confusing as to which one to decide for your kids hands. It would be better to show them which design to select for their own hands rather than falling into trouble later on after Mehndi has been applied. We cannot try colorful mehndi or glitter on their hands, as it might affect their skin leaving scars or rashes. With fun it is also important to see that the kids do not have itching sensation on their hands. Some skin allergies can happen if they are not exposed to such ingredients which are used in making mehndi tattoo. It can leave bad skin allergy and kids cannot take that pain. Better to be careful.



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