8 Wedding Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2022


8 Wedding Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2022

Wedding trends tend to reflect the values of society. We’ve seen massive shifts in the way we look at politics, the environment, social issues, values, and technology just to name a few. As such, we can expect equally major shifts in what brides, grooms, and wedding planners will be prioritizing.

Will weddings be normal in 2022?

Well, yes. The spirit of the traditional wedding will remain intact. However, certain elements will experience significant updates.

Here is what to expect:

Wedding Box Subscriptions

It’s no longer just about the big day. Today’s brides and grooms consider the entire process – from proposal to post-honeymoon – part of the wedding experience and want to share each moment with their friends and family. Many guests are leaning into this newer way of looking at things by gifting an engagement box in the early months of the process.

Bridal box subscriptions are delivered on a monthly basis, providing cool items that allow the bride to show off, celebrate, and plan the big day. There are a few options, like the miss to mrs bridal box, that provide custom options in case you want to accelerate delivery within a few months or space it out over a year or more. Beyond the party favors and planning resources, the unboxing process gives plenty of great content for the bride and groom’s social media. They’ll both love looking forward to that bride subscription box arriving at their doorstep.

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Diamond Alternatives

One of the major wedding fashion trends for 2022 is breaking from tradition. This applies to everything from the wedding gown to the engagement ring. More and more brides are turning towards alternative gemstones in a big way. In some cases this is due to ethical mining reasons. Some brides simply want to be unique. Perhaps there is a counterculture push against religious traditionalism.

Whatever the bride’s unique reason is, expect to see more lab-grown diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other precious gems.

Digital Stationery

Many brides and grooms have their eyes on the environment, their social media, and their wallets. To tend to all 3 of these issues, expect wedding trends in 2022 to produce a lot more digital versions of save the dates, invitations, and other stationery.

Not only does this cut a lot of costs, it’s convenient. Digital stationery can connect with wedding planning apps and wedding websites to make managing everything a lot easier on the bride and groom. It simplifies managing the guest list, gift registry, vendors, and budgets all while avoiding contributing to landfills.

Guest Lists

Wedding guest lists in 2022 will be fairly polarized. The majority of brides and grooms want to pinch their pennies and celebrate their wedding with their nearest and dearest friends. Casual acquaintances, office friends, and distant relatives may be trimmed so that finds can go towards quality rather than quality.

Conversely, many couples love the prospect of an all out bash. Even when budget is an issue, brides and grooms will make every effort to show as many people as they can a good time.

Personal (non)touch

With the entire world being much more aware of personal hygiene, ditching buffets and grazing tables just makes sense.

Being served at your seat usually takes away from some of the casual socializing. To compensate, many brides and grooms are placing a lot more attention on their catering options. Priorities have been shifted over the past few years, and the menu is higher than ever. Especially when guest lists are on the smaller size, wedding planners are splurging on meals. Bride’s and grooms feel that it’s important to feed guests with food they like, but also want to offer a surprise. Rather than expecting the unexpected, look forward to quirky twists on comfort food and classic favorites.

Tossing The Toss

Wedding trends are hitting the entertainment category, too. Instead of tossing rice, guests will be waiving silver sparklers for weddings. They will be giving magnifying glass party favors or ring pop wedding favors rather than an engraved tchotchke, or even ditching wedding favors altogether. The environment and authentic experiences take precedence.

Tossing the garter and bouquet are both longtime traditions. However, couples increasingly prefer not having to clear the dance floor.


Perhaps the most unassuming wedding trend is going to be sustainability. It will be difficult for guests to notice and difficult for the bride and groom to achieve. Regardless, the effort to minimize waste and work within a zero carbon footprint is well worth it.

It will be difficult to notice because it doesn’t really impact the final result and overall experience. It will be difficult to achieve because it requires a lot of planning and very intentional choices. However, if the trend continues, vendors will follow suit which would lead to sustainable efforts being standard practice.


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